Simple Design, Easy Selection

There are plenty of fish in the sea and we've chosen three to demonstrate how to best prepare your logo and badge designs for e-mail submission. When developing your logo for use on an e-Badge name tag, consider the viewing distance from the badge and how much information you will be placing on it. Avoid designing a complex, finely detailed image that, when shrunk, may appear blurred. The simpler the image, the clearer will be the results.

Since we will produce text exactly as we receive it, be sure to indicate upper and lower case letters, periods, commas and other marks that you want displayed on the badge. Note the subtle differences in the McPherson namebars.

For more about getting the most out of your e-Badge product, contact us for our Design Tips and Hardware Hints. These describe, in greater detail, how to prepare your artwork and select your name tags and attachments. If you rely upon us as a valuable resource, you will soon discover that e-Badge is more than a simple name's a complete badge delivery system. We hope to hear from you!