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A Simple Guarantee

More than a terse “30 days when returned in original packaging” line, our guarantee is based on fairness and mutual respect. Plain and simple, we’re not happy till you’re happy with your purchase.

What Else Do We Do for You?

We make the ways for you to make the signs. Lots of ways, for lots of signs.

Tens of thousands of our Scott® Signgraver® and Scott® Autograver® engraving machines are used around the world. These machines are everywhere, creating nametags in nursing homes, safety signs in coal mines, exhibit plates in museums…you name it. In the mid-1970’s we invented Scott-Ply™, the original micro-surface engraving material, to make the entire process as simple and natural as possible. To learn more, please click: and

Need something more personal? You can design and order – all right at our website – solid brass and nickel name bars or sleek, brilliantly accented and framed name badges that accent your career apparel. Boutique hotels, investment companies and business jet operators are just some of our clients who request these jewelry-quality badges. See how easy it is online at:

You can even make your own printable, changeable office signs in minutes, with no previous signmaking skills. We provide all the quality materials you need in all sizes and styles, along with full support. Snap it all together…right at your desk… in a lovely textured sign holder. For do-it-yourself signs done in an instant, visit:

All of these eye-catching signs and quality name tags continue our evolution and leadership in the signage market, with solutions ranging from traditional engraving to contemporary printing. We invite you to learn more about what we can do for you.

So go ahead.

Direct, Identify and Inform…Everywhere, Everything, Everyone™


Scott Machine Development Corporation offers numerous other sign-making and sign-buying solutions for you, with unique ideas and products bearing our registered trademarks and trade names. Here are just a few.

Scott® Machines

Scott Autograver® Desktop computerized engraving machines with comprehensive solutions that include hardware, cutters, fixtures, software and a broad range of engraving supplies. Learn more at:

Signgraver® machines and Signgraving® supplies; rotary engraving machines used by electrical contractors, maintenance departments and sign crafters internationally, with many of our own engraving materials shown here:

Scott AccuScore® handy tools for cutting and beveling engraving plastics on-the-spot. See for yourself:

Scott® Custom Signs and Sign-Making Materials

S.N.A.P.® It’s Simply Never A Problem® to create your own SNAP signs right at your desk. See how, at:

Scott Sign-Mate® Add the finishing touch to your signs with our sturdy holders, stands and diversified mounting accessories.

Scott-Grave®, Scott-Spectrum®, Scott-Phenolic™, Scott-Ply™ engraving materials of all types, including metallics and wood grains, outdoor and indoor…accented with custom colors too! For a color chart and pricing, visit:

Scott® Name Tags and Badges

ColorGem™ and Colordome® name badges highlight your name with extra color detail and flair, then accent it with your custom logo, available for online ordering at:

E-Badge® distinctive name tags, plastic and metal name badges, hardware and frames, as well as custom design services and high-volume custom badge manufacturing. For an overview, please visit:

Lusterlite™ economical badges, ideal for high-volume applications.

You may know us from some of our friendly slogans over the decades:

Signs You Make, Signs You Buy...People You Trust™
First Impressions Last Forever®
Simply Never a Problem®
We Make the Ways for You to Make the Signs™
Top to Bottom, Inside and Out, Scott® Signmaking Equipment and Supplies®
Minutes Faster, Years Ahead™

Other Recognizable Scott Trademarks

Scott-Spectrum Brites® Plastic sheets of durable engraving stock for names and messages that stand out.

Scott-Ply™ ultra-thin surface material offers the height of versatility, available in matte warm woods, bright brush metallics and matte granite, among others.

Scott-Solid™ gives you ADA flexibility with solid color engraving stock.

MetalFrost™ badges, crafted with matte frost centers and polished edges, give you jewelry-quality messaging in both brass and nickel, set off by rich black etched letters.

Scott-Spectrum Match®, Scott-Tripoint®, Scott-Writer®, SNAPsignDsign® and Scott-Pipewriting™ are more of the recognized brands in the Scott family of products.

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